We help communities to deliver life-changing projects

Empowering community initiatives

We have worked for over two decades with Nepali communities in urban, regional and remote areas.

Our volunteers and partners have helped develop community ideas into more than 250 sustainable, practicable and realistic life-changing projects.

We are privileged to be invited into and become part of each community with every project we undertake. Accommodation is close to each project site and within our host community. All our food, materials and project resources are purchased from local or community businesses.

Community members contribute to each project we undertake. Some may raise funds towards the project costs, donate materials, land or transport. Others may work on the project alongside our volunteers or participate in community-wide work days. 


We have worked with 18 Ama Samuhas (mothers groups) to deliver projects for their communities

Our teams have worked on projects in over 60 communities across urban, regional and remote areas of Nepal

We have supported educational change in 28 kinder, primary and secondary schools



Shree Jateswor Lower Secondary School | BAHUNDANDA

Shree Anada Devi Primary School | BHACHE

Shree Pancha Bichar Primary School | BHULBULE

Bakhel Kumari Primary School | BUNGAMATI

Shree Tri Ratna Community School | BUNGAMATI

Bal Vikas Samaj Primary School | DANADAGUAN

Kshamawati Higher Secondary School | DOLAKHA

Buddha Primary School | DOLAKHA

Shree Bal Bikashi Primary School | DHAGAI

Shree Sadhashiva Primary School | GAIRIPATYANI

Shree Him Premi Primary School | GOSHING KHAULE

Shree Sahashive Primary School | KASKIKOT

Khudi River School | KHUDI

Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School | KHUMRUBHITTA

Chun Devi School | LALITPUR

Sudesha School | LALITPUR

Shree Sisnery Secondary School | LALITPUR

Mameswar Primary School | LELE

Shree Bhim Devii Primary School | NAYAPATI

Shree Kshitz Primary School | SANOPATAN

Shree Neaplrastriya Primary School | SIMBU

Shree Mongoladaya Primary School | SIMLE

Shree Jyoti Primary School | SIMPANI

Ganesh Lower Secondary School | SIPADOL

Shree Kamala Primary School | SUBEDI GUAN

Suirung Pre School | SUIRUNG

Shree Lata Kunja Lower Secondary | SUIRUNG

Shree Dhaneswor Primary School | TARAPU

Armala Ama Samuha | ARMALA

Shanti Jyoti Ama Samuha | BHACHE

Jana Bikas Ama Samuha | BHALAMCHAUR

Deepjyoti Ama Samuha | BHULBULE

Shirjanashil Ama Samuha | BUDDHA CHAULI BAZAAR

Milijuli Pragatishil Ama Samuha | DHAGAI

Janahit Ama Samuha | GAURI GAUN

Janakalyan Ama Samuha | GHAN POKHARA

Gorkha Region Ama Samuha | GORKHA

Shankha Devi Ama Samuha | GOSHING KHAULE

Indreni Ama Samuha | KHUDI NORTH

Diyalo Ama Samuha | KHUDI SOUTH

Amar Jyoti Ama Samuha | SERA

Jana Bikas Ama Samuha | SUIRUNG

Jaya Jana Jagariti Ama Samuha | TAAR 

Nardevo Ama Samuha | TARAPU

Milijuli Ama Samuah | TARIKHUNA

Unnatisishil Ama Samuha | TUNIKHARKA