Help empower community change through education

Be part of educational change in remote and regional schools. Share your educational knowledge with local teaching staff and demonstrate engaging classroom strategies.

Many schools in Nepal are chronically under-resourced. Our Education teams and local teachers create educational materials that encourage student-centred learning. Volunteers then team-teach and guide their use in the classroom.

Our team members are students, teachers, aides, retired educators and volunteers wanting to inspire change.

Are you ready to make a difference in a regional or remote community school?

Sustainable Development Goals

Our EducationTeams are committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our partners
and on our projects.

A group of young and cheeky Nepali students in school room

“This was an incredible experience that has an ever lasting effect on the community, it was heart warming, well organised and super fun. I am extremely lucky for what I have in my life and that I really want to work with early childhood settings.”

Belle, Primary School Teacher


Education Projects have been undertaken across Nepal
Our teams have supported educational change in 28 kinder, primary and secondary schools


2023 - 2024

Aussie Action Abroad Pty Ltd (AAA) returns to Nepal in 2023/24 with a range
of community action teams, one of which is an EDUCATION TEAM following
on from the work commenced last year.

Our Education Team will have the opportunity to continue our relationship with
leading education provider – Global Action Nepal.

Our focus will be on identifying school improvement opportunities in Kathmandu
and in rural communities in conjunction with our education partners.

We will assist in the current formulation and refinement of current policies and
procedures, to ensure that quality education is being delivered and student
retention rates are being upheld in government schools.

If you’re a current, retired, or aspiring educator that is passionate about making
a long-term mark on the improvement of Nepali education, then this expedition
is for you.



Help us build the foundations of a new community centre


Assist in improving the local primary school's learning environment and teaching resources